Change Mosaic


American Youth

2015 Crash glass, collage, acrylic.

Studio Works


All works are created uniquely at the request of the client. The designs vary according to the ambition of each project.

Jubilee Mosaic

2015 Glass, ceramic, beads, acrylic.</p

The Facilitator

Community Mosaic Projects​

With a background in the healing arts and ever-evolving visions for beautifying walls, Elena coins this dual power for an unforgettable team building experience. Her mural making process offers an alternative approach to team building like no other. Whether you’re a school, a non-for-profit organization, a big family, or a corporation, this creative experience will leave lasting memories and an impressive new effect on any given space; a conversation starter at the least. 

St Raphael Catholic School Mosaic

St Raphael Catholic School Mosaic

St Raphael Mosaic One thing I enjoy most about large scale projects is shaping the substrate. Of course this can be done on a small scale too, but I personally feel more compelled to do so with large scale mosaics.

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Little Free Library

Since the first time I came upon one of these, I’ve kept it in the back of my mind that one day I too would create one for my neighbourhood. Well, with a little bit of effort from my good

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Recycling Canoes

Culture Days -Award Winning Project Outstanding Participatory Program  The Culture Days event in Milton is one of my favorite events. For the last three years I’ve had the opportunity to team up with Art House and offer a two day activity in Milton’s cultural

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Mural at Harrison Public School

Harrison Public School Mural

Harrison Public School Mural The Harrison Public School mural was initiated by an organization called Art House, that offers art programs to children in Halton, Ontario, for free. I’m fortunate to collaborate with them on various projects and this one

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Collaborators and Clients

Elena Martoglio has created for
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