Elena's adventures in mosaic art ....

It all started on a trip to Spain. Should I say more?  Ok well,  if I must, I could not pass up sharing this little bit of personal history as it was the catalyst for my immediate immersion into mosaic art. An avid collector of ceramics and glass, my work expels from the inspirations I gather on my travels, the juicy conversations I have with people, and the vivid images I retain in my ever evolving brain.  Often assembling  items as I go, they become fragments of memories collected over every experience. 

Maria-Elena Martoglio Olejarz is my full name, hence the website acronym. The works created are found on large surfaces, living in private and public spaces. My engagement with community art projects have led me to exercise a progressive understanding of the creative process; one that I’m eager to repeat and explore throughout  Canada and the globe.

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