Coldwater Steampunk Festival

A ‘Kraken’ Good Time……

I used to live in Toronto and I was always a city girl. Big cities are so lively and busy, there is so much to explore and do all the time. Living in Toronto for over a decade I never felt the need to leave the city. Little did I know how much I was missing exploring our beautiful province. Small towns in Ontario are as culturally diverse as the big city and what I love most is the drive.

I was invited to be part of the Steampunk Festival in Coldwater Ontario. This was their 8th year and going strong for many more.
This festival brought all sorts of interesting individuals gathering to express their uniqueness. Steampunk is a fusion of Victorian Era-meets-Science-fiction or Time-travel like themes. The costumes are eclectic and very ornate.

As this year’s theme featured everything Oceanic, I was thrilled to create a mosaic piece that reflected the mythological figure the ‘kraken’. Much like the overall theme of Steampunk itself, this creature reflects the mystery of the ocean and the unknown,
I created the Octopus limbs reaching out of the water, depicting its magnitude within the ocean home and scaling it with a whale (thanks to Kinder egg surprises) and a beautiful sailboat found from one of the artists at the show. The kids got to work on the box surrounding it with seashells and unique jewel-like finds from costumes stores to crockery thrift finds.

What a treat it was to have eager kids come to the table to enjoy making a mosaic. It was a thrill to speak with them about mosaic art and the many possibilities one can do with it.

Thank you to Weldbond, my number one choice for indoor adhesive, and kids love peeling the stuff off their hands for fun 🙂

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