Milton Eggshell Mosaic Project

My experience in mosaic art has always revolved around the recycling of objects. The materials I choose work well with the grouting process. This is a crucial step in adhering the mosaic and making it complete. It’s kind of like placing icing on a cake. Except in mosaic art, the grout seals the tiles and helps keep moisture away from the glue underneath.

In my art studio, I have collected a variety of objects I’ve cherished with the intention to one day use them in a mosaic, they’ve varied from washed up tiles found on Mediteranian shores, glass from Toronto’s beaches, pebbles from the many hiking trips I’ve taken throughout Ontario, dining plates I’ve purchased from second hand stores and nik naks I’ve found in my home here and there. Putting all these materials together has worked well with grout, and I didn’t give much thought to mosaicking with other materials. Until, one day I discovered egg shell mosaics. I had come across an artist creating gorgeous work of art using only egg shells, so naturally I was inclined to try it myself.

During the Culture Days event in Ontario 2018, I gave participants the opportunity to create a mosaic work of art made entirely of egg shells. Unlike my original inspirer whom used shells in their natural colour, I choose to paint them, giving everyone the opportunity to play with a variety of colours, including gold, silver, and even champagne shimmer.

The project was a big hit!

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